Thought I'd make a quick "how-to" for disassembling the drive and winterize the engine, in this case a KAD32. Same routine for 42,43 and 44. My drive is DPE which is on many KAD32/42/43/44. If you are a bit practical, this also works on the 290DP drive, 40 and 41 engine.

DISCLAIMER:  I take no responsibility if you damage your own engine by following this guide. Good luck!


Winterizing KAD series

Get the boat up, put it stably on a stand. You will need the following: Large bucket or jug. Preferably around 20 litres. Various tools, incl.: Large screwdriver barrel. Div unbrako. 11mm spanner, rubber hammer. Take the large screwdriver and loosen the screw shown by the arrow. Have a pan underneath, this is to check the gear oil.


On my drive, the oil was light and fine, so we didn't dismantle any more.

Next is to loosen the bolts that hold the drive tilt. Remove the cotter pin and pull the bolt out


Next is the gear cable. Look at the picture below, remove the splinter. Unscrew the brass thing that attaches the wire to the drive.
It facilitates installation in the spring and the gearing will be the same.


Next, gear cables are socked on the drive. Look at the picture and remove the screw and the fixing mechanism. Look at the picture below where it is located and which parts need to come off





Next is to loosen the drive mount itself. Loosen the 2 Allen screws.


Then it's time for the steering helmet. Loosen the 2 Allen screws (picture 10) and pull out the plug (picture 11)


Now loosen the hose clamps shown in pictures 12-13 and 14






Now most things have been resolved and the time has come to actually pick the drive off. We use a car jack to "hold back" the drive so that it does not fall down. There are probably other methods.


Using a screwdriver and rubber mallet, carefully knock out the main bolts that hold the entire drive. Be careful, when these come loose they are driven free from the boat and can fall off if you don't hold back.


Remove the drive and take it home. A trained person uses 11-13 minutes to dismantle the drive ans steal it.

Your boat will look like this:


Next now is frost protection. Take a hose with a Gardena connector or screw it onto the S-hose as shown in the picture. This fits perfectly together, just tighten the hose clamp a little hard and it will be tight




Insert the hose into a bucket that is filled with water from the tap. Fresh water of course. Then it is time to start up and the machine will suck water from the bucket at the same time as it is filled with water from the tap. If the engine does not suck, i.e. water comes out of the exhaust, the seawater filter must be opened and filled with water. The time it takes from start-up until water comes is about 7-10 seconds.


Let the machine run for 5-6-7 minutes with fresh water. Stop the engine.

Fill the bucket with 50% antifreeze and 50% water. Start up and let the engine suck in the mixture. If the engine wpont suck ythe mixture, fill the seawaterfilter with water.
Start up the engine. When water mixed with antifreeze comes out of the exhaust - move the bucket so the water/antifreeze mixture goes into the bucket. Let the machine run for 3-4 minutes while the antifreeze mixture flows. We ensure that there is a good mix everywhere.

Stop the machine, you're done :-). If You have 2 engines - repeat on the other one.

Good luck.