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KAD44 and KAD300 goes into gear by itself



"Next to the engine, there is a connector where the cables on the engine go to the levers. You will find this connector just behind the diesel pump. 3 of the wires in this connector go to the potentiometer for gear/gas. When the engine is about to get warm, expand the sleeves, the cable lugs in the coupling and makes a bad connection, and the engine can go into gear, or change revs. This should be known at the Volvo workshop, there is a campaign from Volvo on this. What you need to do is cut these 3 wires and splice those with an extension sleeve with glue so that they are 100% waterproof." Adds that you will not get error messages when this occurs, as the EDC controls the revs, switching on the voltage it gets from the potentiometer in the lever. When poor contact occurs in this connection, the voltage will change to EDC, and thus the speed will change. If the voltage exceeds the programmed voltage for forward connection, it will enter forward. If you want to get an alarm, you have to get a break or a higher voltage than the program