DISCLAIMER:  I take no responsibility if you damage your own engine by following this guide. Good luck!


Service intervall-maintenace hours

Every 14 days:
● Drive belts. Check for wear. Change as necessary.
● Sea water filter. Cleaning 
● Battery. Checking of the electrolyte level
● Fuel filter/ fuel pre-filter. Drain water
● Reversing gear. Checking of oil level 
● Outboard drives. Checking corrosion protection
● Outboard drives. Power Trim pump. Checking of oil level
● Outboard drive. Servo pump. Checking of oil level 
Every 100-200 hours / at least once a year, included in extended protection
● Engine oil. Change
● Oil filter. Change
Every 100 hours/at least once a year, included in extended protection
  • Drive (DPX). Oil change
  • Oil change intervals vary, depending on oil grade and sulfur content of the fuel. Please refer to page 46.
  • Change the filters during each oil change.
  • If the fresh water system is filled with a rust protection mixture, it must be changed every year. On the other hand, if the fresh water system is filled with anti-freeze (glycol mixture), it must be changed every second year.
  • IMPORTANT! In operation situations where the number of forward-reverse operations averages more than 20 per hour, the oil should be changed every 100 hours.

Every 200 hours / at least once a year, included in extended protection

  • Air filter Change .
  • Exhaust pipe. Inspection
  • Supercharger. Checking of oil level
  • Drive belts. Checking of belt tension
  • Sea water pump. Checking of impeller
  • Anti-siphon valve. Inspection
  • Fuel filter/ fuel pre-filter. Change
  • Reversing gear. Change oil and filter
  • Outboard drive (DP). Change oil
  • Outboard drive. Check universal joint and exhaust bellows
  • Outboard drive (DP). Lubricate steering shaft bearings
  • Clean and touch up the paintwork as necessary
  • Check the condition of all rubber hoses, and re-tighten the hose clamps


Every 200 hours:

  • Valve clearance. Adjustment
  • EDC system. Inspection with diagnostic tool
  • Outboard drive. Changing the universal joint bellows
  • Outboard drive. Steering cable. Lubrication
  • Outboard drive (DP). Re-tighten the steering cap bolts
Every 600 hours / at least every 5 years:
● Drive belt, circulation pump. Change 
● Drive belt, supercharger. Change 
Every 1200 hours / at least every 5 years:
● Supercharger. Changing the oil  ( I did this every 2 years).
● Heat exchanger. Inspection/Cleaning