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Who we are?

We are https://kad44.com. A VolvoPenta KAD44 owner with cracked plastictops. Volvo Penta does not suppply these anymore even if the engines are still alive and kicking.

The problem


Volvo Penta KAD44 (260 HP released in 1997) and KAD300 (285 HP released in 2002) where very popular engines in this time era because of very good performance, low weight and the completely new Electronic manouvering system (EDC).  Volvo Penta TAMD73 (350HP) and TAMD74 (480HP) was installed in larger yachts, also utilizing this new EDC system. These engines has proven to be very long lasting, giving the owners a lot of pleasure and comfort. 

So maybe You have a VolvoPenta KAD43 flybridge installation, KAD44/KAD300 generation A or KAD44/KAD300 generation B? Maybe even the bigger engines, TAMD73 or TAMD74?   And Your control buttons is heavily worn by sun and the salty air. Kinda like the image on the right? Maybe missing the plastic tops all together?

One of the picture on the right is from my own boat with 2 x KAD44B diesel engines where also one color on Active Station is wrong. The other one is a “before image” from his boat. Volvo Penta does not supply these plastic tops anymore, the plastic tops are obsolete. See this link. Parts are out of production.

Volvo Penta only supply the complete switch at 1100 NOK (approx 120USD) per switch! To replace all 6 the price is almost 1/2 of our fuel consumption during one summer. We also deliver the standalone switch at a fraction of the cost.

Looks like this is part of Volvo Pentra partnumber: 876950, 873890 , 873891 , 873892 , 873642 , 873733  (Thanks my Danish friend for giving me this information)

The solution is right here. We offer new plastic headings for all 6 buttons with correct colour at a fraction of the cost. We offer a complete set of 6 plastic buttons at a cheap price!!.The kit can be supplemented with a white background, since a lot of our customers have lost the complete plasticfront and the lightbulb is showing. The white dims the bulb a bit, making the light better at night. Or even better, we supply our own letters completing the fix.

There are several kits available. Dual engine, single engine kit, start/stop kit (often used with KAD32 and KAD43). If none of our kit fits Your need, send us an email and we will make a kit for You. Complete enginekits only.

These plastictops have been made on the moulds a Volvo made them on. These are 100% perfect fit. The colours are also correct since the plastic material is from the same plastic manufacturer Volvo Penta used.

We have shipped this to these countries worldwide:

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, Israel,Germany, Island, Croatia, New Zeeland, Australia, Plenty of kits to USA, Malta, Belgium and Canada. Shipped almost 780 kits so far!

Thanks for Your support.

The solution





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